Life is Good Music Video

A feel-good song full of hope with a truly South African twist. I dreamed it one night after a severe panic attack and dedicate it to the memory of my dear friend, Sonia Pretorius as well as my beloved sister-in-law who left us too early. May they both rest in peace – may love blossom from pain as life is good, sometimes despite everything and because of everything and even when from hurt and comes new hope. Produced and recorded by Schalk Maas, David Cruickshank with the talents also of Altan Ungerer, Jean Tunes Marais, Cornèl Engelbrecht and Hanli Cruickshank. Video by Efpe Senekal and cover art work as well as photography on the single itself by WIlhelm Vincent. For more info on my work, follow me on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram or mail me at Filmed in the beautiful South Western Cape of South Africa in October 2019 in and around the coastal town, Mossel bay.