African Queen

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This incredible single was released in Oct. 2020 and hosted the talents of Petronel Baard, Khanyisizwe Nkosi and Reggie Peace. An original track by DJ Darkness en Reggie Peace, both Baard and Nkosi wrote and added their parts so that the song is combined of three languages, Afrikaans, English in IsiZulu. The song became a hit after is was released on Radio 2000 exclusively that is one of the biggest radio stations not only in SA, but also in Africa.

“African Queen, love yourself and care for you! African Queen, you’re so strong and beautiful”!

A magical song that celebrates the beauty of all women, their inner-strength and that in three of South-Africa’s official languages!

Written also to provocate peace, respect in the fight against gender-based violence.

“Koningin van Afrika, wat die son en die maan en die sterre van jou hart kan dra…jy is skoonheid onbeperk!”