Life is Good

Release Date: 2019-10-29
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Petronel Baard, a passionate cabaret star with a soothing storytelling voice, has managed to establish a firm place for herself in the music industry over the past twenty-one years. Her single, LIFE IS GOOD, conquered the hearts of music lovers from all over the world.

LIFE IS GOOD, written by the artist herself, is a contemporary track that combines elements of Folk and classical Pop with a unique South African sound. It’s about how short life is and how you should make the best of each moment that you have left. This hit is the perfect match for the musician’s strong, sweet voice and will definitely appeal to audiences of all ages.

“After two months of anxiety attacks, I had a dream one night. My family (and friends) and I walked through the streets of a beautiful city. I remember the chorus, the green trees and the large glass windows of the buildings. The incredible feeling of love and certainty that we must love one another. When I woke up, I immediately wrote down the melody and words, because I just knew that the world needed this message of love,” the singer says. “Shortly after, I got engaged and two days later, a good friend suddenly passed away. I sang it at her funeral and dedicated the song to her. Little did I know that we would lose my sister-in-law almost a month after our wedding, too. The song is dedicated to both of them; Sonja Pretorius and Marion Baard. It is still hard to believe that so much positive energy was created by so much sadness.”

A music video of the song, created by Efpe Senekal Produksies’s Efpe Senekal, was recently filmed and includes the most beautiful scenery (from Kleinbrak River, Grootbrak River and Mossel Bay), as well as footage of family and friends. “The video shows me, in a wedding dress, singing the song in the most beautiful places. These scenes are complemented by inserts of various people and places from our area who sing and dance to show that life is good… despite of, for the sake of, because of. It’s an absolute celebration of life,” she explains.