“Wie sien die Maan” on “Diversiteit”

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In March 2020 Petronel released a song with her favourite band, Soetmelk as part of an album by Tunes Studio in Stellenbosch, South-Africa. The album “Diversiteit” featured many great talents like Riku Latti, Jolyn Phillips, Bachus Nel, Churchill Naude and many more.

“Diversiteit” celebrates diversity not only in life, but also in music. Petronel and Schalk Maas wrote a song called “Wie sien die Maan” that poses the question who shares your most intimate moments and suggests that you must open yourself up for more people to combat loneliness.

A hauntingly beautiful folk song, written as duet between an old, seemingly haredened man and his consiousnous. Recorded in December 2019 live in Stellenbosch at Tunes Studio it features the talents of Petronel, Schalk Maas and his partner in Soetmelk, Altan Ungrer.