The next time you fight feelings of despair about the current situation in the world and you feel like a lifeless couch potato while you’re mindlessly scrolling on your phone – stop and listen to Petronel Baard’s single: Life is Good.
This cabaret star with the velvety smooth soulful voice will give you the energy and hope you are seeking. This is also quite fittingly the theme of Petronel Baard and friends’ virtual concert. A message of hope.
No introduction needed when you hear the name, Petronel Baard. This Villiersdorp born and bred diamond has become an undeniable presence in the music industry over the past two decades.
Her resume proudly exhibits a SAMA nomination and two Geraas music awards. Her online presence is unwavering during the nationwide lockdown and she actively continues to entertain her fans on her social media accounts with high quality music video content and teasers of future projects.
Recently her latest single, Seek the Light, was shared as a special occasion on the Mokka/Mocca Facebook pageduring a live stream. Seek the Light is a collaborative effort between Petronel and Gavin Jay recorded, mixed and produced by DJ Keyz.
This house/trance music gem shows the world just how talented and versatile Petronel actually is, dabbling in various genres. The music video already has thousands of views and can be found on her Facebook page or YouTube channel. Just goes to show that true talent has no boundaries.
Petronel Baard and her muso friends and colleagues dreamt up a brilliant initiative. This might be exactly what you need to cheer you up. This very diverse group of artists collectively agreed to arrange a virtual concert where you can watch their performances and listen to their awesome sounds in the comfort of your own home.
According to Petronel, the idea was born out of similar occasions of Sunday evening get-togethers between Lang Vrou productions and friends via the internet. Petronel and her local artist friends hit the nail on the head with this idea.
The purpose of the project – to bring hope to all of us during these troublesome times.
The lineup is astonishing and full of prestigious talent. Petronel’s friends and connections will combine their home recordings into something really special with a touch of flair to create this impressive and imaginative virtual show. She speaks very highly and with great excitement of the event and the people who will share the limelight with her on 31 May, igniting fires of hope in our homes.
Jannie du Toit is one of the big talents and contributors during this event. This musical giant is a great musician with a fantastic voice. He used to be involved at JNS music, the record company responsible for releasing Petronel’s first two albums.
Others include: McCoy Mrubata, the amazing saxophone player who performed on her first album twenty years ago and Godfrey Johnson of Evita se Perron, who she’s known since 2001, doing a live recording of her second album Déjà vu. Then there is also the angelic voice of Luna Paige, her longtime friends Riku and Jackie Lätti and the talented Jean Tunes Marais of Tunes Studio Stellenbosch who will definitely do something special.
The lineup continues to impress and also include the talented writer Riana Scheepers, Philippe Kangi with his delightful French music. The brilliant pianist Ben Schoeman, the song giant Stef Kruger and her close musical friends Schalk Maas and AltanUngerer of Soetmelk will also contribute to the festivities and for those of you who were wondering, Gavin Jay will definitely make a special appearance.
Petronel shares a friendship, story or some kind of precious history with each and every one of the artists involved and she can’t help but boast about how great the show will be. If you’re interested and curious about what to expect, roam your way to her Facebook page or YouTube channel and watch the teaser or listen to the playlist she personally and carefully selected to celebrate and promote the talented lineup for this virtual experience.
We can’t help but be grateful and proud that Petronel Baard and her talented friends are bringing us hope. Like the inspirational lyrics of her single, Life is Good, tells us: “Hold on to this life with all your might, seek the light in every fight you fight”. Do yourself a favour and buy your ticket now at Quicklet South Africa or secure a booking at Pierneef Theatre, Pretoria.
Expect to be entertained, expect to see remarkable talent, but most of all – expect to feel refreshed and hopeful again.
During these trying times we are all stuck in the same boat, but thankfully we’ll conquer the storms together.