Petronel Baard

A life-story that changed my world.


An endless passion for music, for voices,
for discovery, for people, for life.

This theatre entrepreneur, arts developer, power-house voice and diva is a passionate and talented artist.  She writes, performs and produces her own productions and music and is well-known and loved in the country of her birth, South-Africa.

Growing up in the beautiful Overberg town, Villiersdorp of the Western Cape of the country, Petronel use to sing and dream of a career in entertainment.  The town’s people loved to see her dancing in the wind and singing to the trees.  In 1999 she entered a national singing competition and they were the firsts to vote for her.


Petronel has an astounding voice and after winning this competition, started touring the country with her own, unique cabaret shows.  She soon got involved in theatre development, TEO as she calls it and today she servers on many committees and theatre collectives to develop the arts and artists of the South-African community.

In 2020 she was awarded with the Cordis Trust “Orde van die Beiteltjie” = a very special award for her continued support of the Afrikaans culture and still continues in the creation and establishment of opportunities and many adventures as an artist not only for herself, but many others too.


Petronel Baard.
The ultimate



Passion never die. It grows
stronger every day.

Petronel believes that cabaret is a powerful force that can change lives and played her part in the transformation of her country working form 1999 in a crucial time in South Africa’s theatre history.

She uses her considerable talents to build community and always seizes the opportunity to create “ubuntu” while she speaks to everyone’s heart and create life with her voice.

Theatre goers have said “to came feeling depressed” and walked out of the show with a lifted spirit, feeling utterly refreshed.

A selfless performer who soothes your soul while she enchants with her golden voice and her ever-faithful piano.